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We are changing our products for a changing world. New research shows that people are making the transition from a chemical, synthetic filled world to complete green, natural and organic. This is proving to be true not only for food choices but also skin and hair care products.

It’s no wonder going green is becoming so popular; the benefits are not only friendly for the environment and planet but also our bodies. Organic hair care products contain far less (if any) harmful chemicals and are derived from mostly plant herbs that are known to have high nourishing properties.

Most people feel skeptical about making the switch because of the higher cost for organic products. However, you will find that you actually can get more “bang for your buck” because they are higher quality and more concentrated, so they will last longer.

There are serious health threats from the chemicals that are used in synthetic products, because they often combine them with other ingredients to form cancer causing compounds. In addition, silicone based ingredients basically coat your hair basically with plastic and don’t allow your hair to properly breathe or absorb nutrients to keep your hair healthy.

Making the switch can also mean stronger, thicker hair, little to no scalp irritation, and better overall health and shine to your hair. Using better hair care products not only means healthier hair but a healthier body too. Taking the step to better hair care means gradually switching your shampoo and conditioner, styling products, hairspray, etc. Clients who have made the switch say it’s completely worth it and they’d never go back! One of our newest and most popular Organic product lines is Onestà.

Onesta is not only a completely organic hair care line but they also are committed to sustainable living. 100% of Onestà’s energy consumption is offset by wind power. Onesta products themselves are rich in antioxidants and certified organic botanical extracts to revitalize, nurture, and protect your hair. Onestà products are rich in our Omega EFA Complex comprised of a special blend of Kukui, Macadamia, and Sunflower oils. This complex replaces natural EFAs at the root, the core, and on the surface of hair, to hydrate hair and leave it shiny and healthy.

Onestas products are free of parabens, colors, dyes, animal testing and ingredients sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other harmful chemicals. To top it off, Onestà also donates 10% of their profit to cancer research. If you are interested in Onestà or you have any questions, please give us a call or ask us at at your next appointment. We’d be happy to help you make this amazing, healthy switch – 724-836-3600

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Allanté Hair Designs & Spa also uses other Green and Natural product lines in our Salon.

Enjoy Hair care is a unique line of hair products that was developed for your simple everyday needs. Containing no sulfate in the shampoos, Enjoy products give your hair strength without harming or stripping your color treated hair.


UNITE is a premium, boutique line of 29 professional haircare products. Each has undergone extensive testing and research, allowing UNITE to experience extraordinary performance feedback from the finest salon professionals. All of their cleansing products have been made with only the finest and carefully selected ingredients – sulfate and paraben free.

iNOA – ODS Technology
iNOA is ammonia free, with no odor, and optimized scalp comfort. Ammonia dries out the hair and leaves the cuticle (outside layer) jagged. Jagged means that the cuticle looks like tree bark and it doesn’t reflect light, and thus your hair has no natural shine. Experience the natural, beautiful results of iNOA!

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