Have you tried looking for extensions as a redhead?

A new customer of ours here at Allantè, Leah— a nurse, was looking for an updated haircut. Rose gave her an amazing cut, style and great tips on styling. After this was mentioned, she talked about the site JustForRedheads. She had recently purchased an extensions system from them and was very pleased. Leah talked about going to stores and not finding anything that was natural looking. She took a gamble on JustForRedheads and said she’d not look anywhere else for her extensions.

So if you or someone you know is a red head, we HIGHLY suggest you check out their site.

**About the owner, Paula Pennypacker:


Paula graduated from the University of Toledo with a business communications degree and immediately went to work for a fortune 500 company.

 During the 1990’s she ran for mayor of Toledo, and was very uncomfortable with her makeup when she saw herself on television. She felt her eyes looked garish, and her complexion never seemed natural. She realized that her self esteem was not what it could be, due to having to wear makeup designed for brunettes & blondes.

After not winning in 1992, she made it her mission to develop beauty products that would suit the unique needs of redheads. Within a year, JFR was born and announced to the world.

 Today, Just for Redheads reaches more than 2 million customers in over 100 countries.

 “Every time a customer tells us how much they love the way JFR makes them look I still get goose bumps!”

 Paula now resides in Scottsdale with her husband and son, where JFR is head-quartered.

She is working harder than ever on developing new products and ideas to help each and every redhead discover their natural beauty.

**From: http://www.justforredheads.com/aboutpaula.html**

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