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A little info on Rose..

Here is some info for you to get to know Rose a little better! 😀

Rose Marie DiCriscio, CEO of Allanté Hair Designs & Spa, Inc. is a veteran of the beauty industry.  Rose Marie’s experience and “let’s do it” attitude sets her apart from others in the beauty and wellness field.

Rose Marie began evening studies at Pittsburgh Beauty Academy, Greensburg while she was a sophomore at Greensburg Salem Senior High School, graduating in 1982 with her operator’s license.  Rose Marie used her graduation money to help fund her schooling for her cosmetology teacher’s license.   Rose Marie took a position as a stylist at Command Performance while studying for her teacher’s license.  She was hired as a stylist at Johnny’s (Robb) Hair Salon in Greensburg in 1983.

In 1988, Rose Marie began teaching for Roffler Products and went on to educate her peers.  From her experience with Roeffler and Johnny’s Hair Salon, Rose Marie specializes in men’s haircuts.  Rose Marie also was an educator for Farouk Systems Sun Glitz and worked as a coloring specialist for various hair color hotlines such as Clairol, Framesi, and Tressa

Rose Marie has put together and instructed classes for other hairdressers and the general public while maintaining her job as a full-time stylist.  In 1988, she traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania to instruct hair stylists from the JC Penney chain.

In an effort to further her education, Rose Marie attended various business classes at Westmoreland County Community College.  Rose Marie used the business classes and her experience to open Allanté Hair Designs and Spa, Inc. in 1990.

In November 1992, a photo shoot with Jack Cutler, a well-known Reading (PA) area fashion photographer, was organized.  Rose Marie began interviewing models for the photo shoot.  Thanks to Jack Cutler, Rose Marie’s hairstyles and makeup were featured in international and national hairstyling magazines and trade books.  Rose Marie’s work is featured in the salon client quarterly magazine Inspire (Vol. 6, pg. 95).  Along with photographs of her work, Rose Marie has written pieces on color correction in both 1-2-3 Hairstyling and Beauty Education.  Rose Marie also contributed to marketing strategies for Renew magazine and has been featured in the Standard Observer’s Inspiring Times, Tribune Review’s Focus,Point of Light Magazine, Whirl Magazine, and Style Magazine (May 13th). 

Rose Marie has participated in numerous bridal shows at the Sheraton Inn and Mountain View Inn, two prominent hotels located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Among the many honors received, Rose Marie accepted a nomination into the Who’s Who Registry of Global Business Leaders 93-94 for Outstanding Leadership and Achievement in Occupation, Industry, or Profession

Rose Marie’s latest accomplishment was being voted into Pittsburgh’s 2008 50 Finest. The 50 Finest is one of the city’s greatest events of the year. 25 single men and women in the Pittsburgh area who excel in their profession and also in their community are picked to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

2008 Nomination from Seton Hill’s “Entrepeneur of the Year.”

Rose Marie first established Allanté Hair Designs & Spa, Inc. in the Old Route 30 Plaza in Greensburg, PA.  Since relocating to the Stark Avenue, Greensburg location, Rose Marie has expanded her business into a Health and Wellness Center and has developed her own spa line featuring scrubs and lotions.  In addition to her own spa line, Rose Marie is highly trained in skin care.  She received intensive skin care training while studying abroad in Europe.  Rose Marie also studied massage therapy techniques while studying abroad.  She has studied skin care, massage therapy, hairstyling, and makeup in Italy, London, Germany, Turkey, Greece and Spain.  She brings back with her the latest trends, fashions, and products. She also uses Dermalogica, the #1 professional skin care line in the world. 

Rose Marie has diverse cliental including local celebrities from KDKA, WTAE, WPXI, and Fox News.

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