Remembering Vidal Sassoon


     On May 9, 2012, Vidal Sassoon died in his Los Angeles  home. He is known to the beauty industry as the father of the modern haircut. Probably one of his best creations was the super short pixie cut he did on Mia Farrow for the film Rosemary’s Baby. Vidal created architecturally sound and ultra-modern styles that have stood the tests of time and to this day are very futuristic in their design. Sharp lines, bold angles, and a overall smoothness was part of his signature cutting style. Behind he left a legacy of precision haircuts elevated to a pure art form that will be celebrated throughout the ages. He will be missed by all who he touched either personally, through a cutting and styling class, or as just an appreciator of beauty. The industry has lost an innovator and a real master of the craft. We’ll miss you Vidal.

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