Embrace your Inner Warhol this Spring

If your closet needs some inspiration this season, try channeling Andy Warhol.  The Mod culture of the 1960’s is back with a vengeance.  This is especially exciting news for us since we are located so close to Pittsburgh, Andy Warhol’s hometown.  Black and white in bold checks and daring stripes have been seen all over the spring runways and we can’t contain our excitement!

Here are some key tips for when you’re out buying your new look. If your look includes showing off your midriff, make sure to balance it with long sleeves or hem length.  Chunky jewelry complements this look very well so grab a few fun pieces on your way to the cashier.  Lastly, don’t shy away from horizontal stripes.  New research shows they can actually have a slimming effect.  We know, it blew our minds too!  Enjoy the new fashion throwbacks this season.  With Mod as your muse, you can’t go wrong.


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