The summer sun is shining, is your skin ready?



Summer is the picnic, swimming, and barbeque season.  We will be out in the sun, having fun and enjoying the weather.  Sometimes, we forget to wear sunscreen…we rush around, last minute plans, then go party.  By night time, we’re burnt, red, and feel like we’re on fire.  Here are a couple of tips to help prevent the afterburn:

Carry a trial size sunscreen in your purse.  This way you will have some with you in a pinch!

Keep a bottle of sunscreen in your car.  It’s easily accessible on the go!

Use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it.  When you apply in the morning, you’ll have a little barrier to begin your day!

Wear a hat, keep one in your car, even when we do remember sunscreen, we often forget about our scalp! *bonus, helps prevent color fading!


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