Love Those Oils! … But Where Do They Come From?

Nothing is more relaxing than a massage. Strike that. Nothing is more relaxing than a GREAT massage. Of course, Allante only offers the best massages in the greater Pittsburgh area, and with great massages comes great oils. Our essential oil line is doTERRa, which is all natural, fantastic for the body and even safe to use during pregnancy. doTERRA sources oils from plants grown in ideal conditions where soil, climate and temperature contribute to the plant’s aromatic and health-beneficial qualities. doTERRA partners with a global network of artisans who have both experience and a passion in growing the finest plants for producing the oils we use.

So where do these oils come from? The peppermint oil is harvested right here in the United States. Peppermint grown in the Northwestern region of the US contains high natural levels of menthol. The fabulous juniper berry oil hails from Bulgaria, and the essential oil comes from the actual berry. Frankincense oil is harvested in Somalia. It is hand sorted and separated by grade (color, size and clarity). This particular job provides employment opportunities for many women in Somalia.

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Both the sandalwood and lemongrass oil comes from India. It takes about five to seven days to harvest a 100 acre lemongrass plantation, which is located five miles up the mountain. This area can only be reached by foot. The farmers make the ten mile roundtrip several times a day while carrying harvested lemongrass bulks on their head downhill. doTERRA even offers a melaleuca oil from Australia, cardamom from Guatemala, lime from Brazil and ginger from Sri Lanka.

So, next time you’re at Allante, feel free to ask what oils we are using, what are the benefits of that oil and even what part of the world that essential oil was harvest from!

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