Let’s talk about Perkville.. the place you want to be!

Everyone loves getting rewards for shopping. You’re spending the money anyway, why not get a little bit back? Here at Allante, we want you to join us in Perkville, and receive service discounts, product discounts and free services! It’s so easy to join our rewards program, just be our customer and register using Perkville! For every dollar you spend, you receive one point, and boy do they add up fast!

We have created this rewards program to show our gratitude to our loyal customers. Points are awarded each time you visit and can be redeemed at any level you choose. As you let your points accumulate, you will receive deeper discounts and additional bonuses. Our system tracks your points automatically to make checking your balance easy!

Okay, okay, this sounds good.. but how great are these rewards?

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.29.22 AMYes! This is my kind of Perkville. So, come on in, save your points up, and work your way to a free body wrap or the reward of your choice!

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