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Fall will soon be here, and many of you will be heading back to the classroom and adding new items to your wardrobe.

Bethany Mota, the YouTube superstar, has seven suggestions for those of you who will be students in the coming months.

First, she advises you to avoid wearing your best outfit on the first day.  Often it is still very warm outside, and you can get some more wear out of your summer clothes at the beginning of the school year.  Save that special ensemble for a later date when you need a pickup and you want to get noticed!

Second, stash a few key beauty products in your locker or backpack rather than loading up your purse: a concealer for a blemish or red spot, blotting sheets instead of powder that can cake on your face, and lip balm like Rosebud Salve that can even be used on your hands to soften them.

Bethany’s third tip is to invest in an “awesome pair of kicks,” shoes or boots that can be worn with more than one outfit.  It is a good idea to pick something that is also comfortable so that you can trek around campus without sore feet.

As for makeup, she advises you to keep it simple with just a little eyeliner and no eye shadow.  You can also add lip liner to make your lips look bigger.

Fifth, some of your summer clothes can transition into the fall with the addition of other items. For example, a flowered skirt will get new life with a long-sleeved shirt, tights, knee socks, and lace-up boots.

Bethany loves the way Vanessa Hudgens looks, and she picks her as her “personal style crush.”  Look at magazines and other sources to identify your icon, and copy aspects of her style for yourself.

Finally, why not try a new scent for the fall?  It’s great to hear someone tell you that you smell really good.  You’ve probably caught yourself complimenting a total stranger on a perfume you smell as you pass by her.  Experiment to find the cologne that will get you a similar reaction.

Armed with Bethany’s suggestions for a successful new school year, be sure to also prepare for the academic demands of your education.  Purchase notebooks, organizers, and pens and pencils while they are on sale in the next few weeks. You can often find helpful laminated study guides to add to your arsenal at your local bookstore.  Resolve to get serious about your studies from the first day on, recording assignments and completing them in a timely fashion.  Don’t be afraid to ask for extra help or a tutor if you start to get lost in class.  And finally, remember the tip that works both for your looks and your studies.  Get enough sleep every night so that you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

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