About Me.

Hello, my name is Rose Marie DiCriscio.  I am CEO of Allanté Hair Designs & Spa in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  My experience and “can-do” attitude have made me unique in the beauty and wellness field.  For countless years, I have inspired others in the latest hair trends, and I have motivated stylists to create amazing color and cutting techniques for clients.  My experience, talents, and drive in the beauty industry have led me to be recognized and honored with many titles, such as Master Stylist/Colorist/Make-up Artist, Motivational Speaker, and Marketing Guru.

Moreover, I was honored to participate in the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy.  I taught razor and men’s cutting techniques for Roffler Hair Products, which has enabled me to establish a large male clientele at my salon and spa.  Because of my extensive experience and education, Allanté Hair Designs & Spa caters to a very diverse clientele, including several beloved Steelers and many local television personalities from WPXI, KDKA, WTAE and Fox News.

.I credit education as one of the strongest contributors to my success.  My hairstyles and make-up artistry have been featured in international and national hairstyling magazines and trade books, including Inspire, Jenn Magazine, Corel Software, Passion,1-2-3 Hairstyling, Beauty Education and Whirl.  I even authored pieces on color correction for numerous color publications.

To maintain success in the beauty industry, stylists must be willing to learn new trends, which is why I have traveled to Italy, England, Germany, Turkey, Greece, France, Spain, and Canada.  Furthermore, I have not only trained with, but I have also taught, motivated, and marketed for other salon and spa owners around the world.  I am committed to “never stop learning” because the beauty industry is always growing.

I want to continue helping others in this industry, which is why I wanted to create this blog.  If you have questions or you need help boosting your self-esteem in this career, I am willing to help.  Please feel free to comment and express your opinions and concerns.

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