Do You Have Sciatic Nerve Pain? Dr. McIntire Wants to Help You!

If you are experiencing pain due to sciatica, Dr. McIntire would like to help you! Here at Allanté Hair Designs and Spa, Dr. McIntire is on staff as a chiropractor and massage therapist. Here is what he has to say about sciatic nerve pain:

As a doctor of chiropractic, many conditions are treated at the clinic or the spas where I employ my service. One of those numerous conditions encountered is sciatica. The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body and travels down the sacral area, buttocks, and back of your leg. It is formed from nerve roots in the lower back and sacral region. It serves your sacral area, buttocks, and back of the leg. Chiropractic care coupled with massage therapy can be quite effective in treating the sciatica pain.

This combination can help diminish the pain by reducing nerve pressure in the lumbar spine. in addition, this coupled treatment improves spinal posture and reduces mysofascial trigger points in the piriformis muscle that can squeeze on the sciatic nerve.

Personally, I would like to help you if you have this condition. Don’t wait for the pain to worsen. Call for your appointment today.

Dr. McIntire is available at Allanté Hair Designs and Spa:

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