Looking for some ideas to put some spring into your step?

As we all know trends vary from season to season…actually day to day, if not minute by minute!  Here are some hot, some funky, and some fun spring footwear trends from Milan’s Spring Fashion week.  Check out the pretty polish colors on those tootsies.  Let us know which styles you’d wear!  Rose is heading to…

Prom hairstyles for every body

Have you been looking around for hairstyles for prom and you have been disappointed? Look to some of these celebrities for a glam look for your big night! Prom Hairstyle Dos & Don’ts.

Is Mineral Makeup All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Here is an article about mineral makeup. Many people over the years have sworn to it’s miracles, others have dismissed it as a a gimmick. Check out this WebMD article about the pros and cons of this cosmetic.

Going To Great Lengths With Your Style

The past few years have seen the influx of many trends in hairstyling: pastel color, heavy fringe, bold hues. One you may be wondering the most about is hair additions and extensions. The techniques of today are not what you may know of from the past. Depending on your hair texture and goals of the…